The secret sauce

The Success Formula

Our team of experts represent true professionalism in every aspect of your job search.

Evaluation and Positioning

You know you want a change, but you are still unsure in which direction it should go.

Our evaluation session is designed to improve your own self-knowledge, to help you be more effective, to avoid career obstacles, as well as to validate what is important to you not only professionally, but also on a long term perspective.

This also gives us an understanding on how you wish to be positioned during your next career move.

Personal Branding and Campaign Strategy

We define and align your value proposition. Quantify your value to the specific audience / employer. Eliminate the generic and broad-based resume by ensuring the reader views you as a perfect fit.

We understand how to tailor your value proposition to each opportunity via resumes and cover letters; upgrade your LinkedIn profile. Use clear milestones for each stage of expanding your social capital and enhancing your brand’s influence.

Market Access To Hiring Executives

When three quarters of new executive searches are executed via the unpublished market but approaching the hiring executives with cold calling is simply not effective.

We help in identifying industries and companies in the locations you desire. Executing The Barrett Group’s social capital strategy and leveraging referrals – backed by our proven social capital methodologies, research tools and experts.

We also provide contact information for key decision makers plus scripts and strategies to secure interviews and offers.

Interview Preparation and Offer Negotiation

Identifying critical gaps and potential pitfalls, such as whether your experience is truly transferable. Anticipating tough interview questions and developing fluid, authentic responses. Through role play, we equip clients with practical interview experience that ensures they will perform at peak performance levels during live interviews.

We help you create a pipeline of interviews, improve your interview performance, obtain more and better offers, and then improve them through negotiation.

Onboarding and Observation

We find the first 100 days are critical for future success and we want all of our clients to get off to a good start. This is where we can help with onboarding, ensuring a happy landing, including planning ahead and how to manage and prioritize stakeholders.

n evaluation of the organizational landscape that includes an analysis of functional interdependencies and coaching to get it right.

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